The Must-Do Home Improvements To Increase The Value Of Your Home

When it comes to home improvement, you can spend a lot on a project and increase the value of your home by very little. Here you will find the ways to do the opposite, increasing the value of your home a great deal while putting out very little money.

If you have a big enough yard to avoid a crowded look, adding a wood deck to your property is relatively cheap and easy to do yourself. Be sure to sand, prime and either stain or paint the deck. It increases the value of your home because it gives a potential buyer the appeal of a nice space for recreation and entertaining. This is a value for most people.

Turning your attic into living space is a very cheap way to increase the square footage of your home. All that is necessary is to install drywall, create a floor with vents, and add some minor electrical wiring for switches and lights. Each additional square foot of home, depending on your area, can increase the value of your home by one thousand dollars.

A very cheap improvement that increases your home’s value is painting. You can use cheap paint to give your home a clean appearance and make the home look newer than it is. Painting is also another project that you can do on your own. Saving money not hiring a professional is a large part of your return.

Putting in new doors is the best first step. A new front door is essential to making a good first impression. Make sure to put in the effort to make the door seal well, increasing your home’s energy efficiency. As far as interior doors, purchase 6 panel doors that are all the same. Uniformity goes a long way for value, and 6 panel doors are in high demand and create a sense of elegance for a potential buyer.

Replacing old windows is very important to increasing the value of your home. It increases its value by making your home more energy efficient and eliminating undesirable drafts. New windows also make your home look newer, increasing its appeal to potential buyers.

Cleaning your home from top to bottom will also add value. Use a power sprayer to clean the outside, including porches and walkways. Remove as much unwanted items as possible from your basement if you have one, and do the same with the attic. Clean out closets and cupboards, which will also rid the home of clutter, but also allows potential buyers to see what they are getting without having to move items for them. Minimize knickknacks around the home, store most electrical appliances away from counters and remove stains from all surfaces. Cleaning the floors is optimal. If you do not have a quality carpet cleaning machine rent one or hire a cleaning company. A clean home looks newer and will be essential in attracting buyers.

Most people are capable of doing the home improvement projects found above on their own. Doing-it-yourself is one of the most important factors in keeping the projects affordable, increasing your return. Use the tips above and your home will be worth at least 3 times more than you will need to invest.

Source by Peter Sicoli

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