Looking for Car insurance in the UK WTF?!

this is my 2nd year of driving and none of my insurance quotes are under £1000. this country sux! this is one of the cheapest car on the UK roads to insure. …

25 thoughts on “Looking for Car insurance in the UK WTF?!

  1. johndragonman says:

    Tell me about it. if you drive you will understand. may advice.. dont
    bother. its crazy expensive and you literally end up working just to afford
    to run your car!

  2. Atsaki13 says:

    Yea I do drive, been driving since I was 17 (Now 23) – Same car I had when
    I passed – Old classic Rover Mini 1.3i (Currently insure it for £450) but I
    have just under 6 years driving and I have 4 years no claims. A 1.4k car
    quote for me is somehing like a VX220 2.2 litre turbo – 2k is more like a
    2L subaru impreza.. Would never pay that for insurance.. :/ They say
    insurance goes down after the first year. Then they say once you hit 21..
    Then they say 25.. They are all bull shit mate.

  3. KHAN KHANZ says:

    John, I must admit that the quote you had is cheaper compare to the quotes
    I been given…eg micra would cost around £2,000 + within the area I live
    in due to people making fake claims :(.

  4. NichoTBE says:

    My mate searches for high performance vehicles and gets a cheaper quote.
    Please explain how this is possible? Are they forcing us to buy newer cars
    through insane insurance quotes?

  5. Bizairsp says:

    I understand ur problem u can’t get insurance unless it dodgy or ur rich
    and they wonder why people don’t wonna pay for insurance what a joke
    brilliant video

  6. johndragonman says:

    yeah it has shot up. my brother has just passed his test, i have given him
    the seat marbella (seen in my other videos) for his first car. he is
    getting quotes the same price :(

  7. SK Silva says:

    rofl i got quoted 5 grand for a 97 civic 1.4, jokes. admiral seems to be
    the best insurance company to go with right now as far as price is
    concerned for new drivers

  8. Varun Talwar says:

    U got to be kidding, i get quotes like 3k to 6k, right now i got a quote of
    £6446 on 2006 lexus is 250. I am 27, no no claims, 0 years on Driving
    licence, been here since 3 years.

  9. Tony M says:

    hahahaahhahaahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahaahh. You
    think £87 isn’t cheap. try £292.66 a month. which is what i pay now. the
    other cheapest quotes had £3000 excess and I’m 27. 

  10. elitedonk says:

    Im 22 with 2 years no claims bonus and the cheapest insurance I get is
    £550. So you’re doing something wrong

  11. Bero Bero says:

    In this country people get ripped off in the day light. All investors avoid
    this country its overly regulated and your job is to keep jumping obstacles

  12. Varun Talwar says:

    You have to buy a fucking KA, that too an old model to get quotes of 1800
    to 2000 quids if its ur first ever car and first time insurance. Its just
    daylight and legal form of robbery.

  13. GeneralPovl says:

    Those morons in UK government who made the law of this retarded insurance
    will get tortured and killed. United Kingdom will be normal country once
    again. Just wait…

  14. dnbwalkera adam says:

    got a quot for a dawoo 0.8 l and it was £3500 but on a 1.4 corsa it was
    £1700 its just a random number picked and that is what u will have to pay
    full on BS 

  15. adikxx83 says:

    Dude what a great video! This fuckin country is a fuckin joke.Amounts of
    ridiculousness in this country has reached its climax(in many realms)!
    However car insurance in UK…..dude I cant even stress how fuckin stupid
    and ludicrous it is.I am 31 yo,14 years of d.license possession,no accident
    and the cheapest quote for 1200 £ car was 1900 £ per year .WHAT A FUCKIN
    THICK CUNT wants me to pay that ??? it is more than the fuckin car is
    worth!!! Dude I am in your team! fuck those cone men insurance cunts!!!
    Brill vid man,the world can laugh!!!

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