First Year Insurance Agent

The trials for a first year insurance agent.

25 thoughts on “First Year Insurance Agent

  1. bighitta57 says:

    They best part is that I get between a 4 and 10% bonus on my whole book of
    P&C business annualy. The only varriable is my loss ratio. Dont drink the
    cool aid. State Farm is a good company that treats their agents terribly.
    Message me if you would like to be saved.

  2. lizwools says:

    This is funny. And 100% is State Farm. Almost all of these “insurance”
    based companies push the sales force to sell financial products and life
    insurance yet almost none of them are positioned to provide the agents with
    residual income off of these products. P/C is the only way to build long
    term success because you cant earn residual incom off fixed annuities. I
    think Country is probably the only company that offers true portfolio
    management. Where some residual income can be earned.

  3. landongendur says:

    OMG this is hilarious! “We do not like when you ask questions about the
    contract. Just blindly accept the s***y contracts and the impossible random
    benchmarks we set” – the true motto of any large corporate prison! :P

  4. geckogekko says:

    Damn is this describing State Farm’s TICA contract? Sounds exactly like it!
    I am currently working to become an agent, but have been reconsidering that

  5. Niesha Middleton says:

    wowowo thank goodness I went independent and not captive, I would have gone
    postal on them!

  6. ShaneandShaneGuitar says:

    I started out on the captive side of things too. Luckily, my bosses were as
    fed up with the corporate BS and didn’t treat me this way. We all left the
    company about 3 years after I started and opened up an independent agency.
    Best move I ever made. If you are in the captive insurance world, take what
    you have learned about the business and go out on your own!!!! You’ll make
    way more money and truly have control of your financial future while
    building a legacy to leave behind to your children.

  7. Nick Byars says:

    this is too damn funny. im going to take my insurance test tomorrow at 2.
    im going to get into p and c. and after working a few years ill get my h
    and l. but i thought there is damn good money in the insurance
    business.???? right? please dont make me change my mind and go back into
    nursing.. i was under the impression ill be making 60 plus thousand a
    year.. someone with experience and knowlege please email me at asap before 2 pm tomorrow. thanks

  8. fattymoko says:

    It made absolutely no sense to speak to Thos. Ganzfried and Cindy Perkins
    of State Farm Insurance. State Farm is UNWILLING to take the sworn
    statement of a Honolulu Police Dept. stating that my car was vandalized and
    was NOT IN A COLLISION. They REFUSED to look at the report. My car did not
    move. Someone bashed it in with a cinder block. State Farm insurance is for

  9. Paul Neibauer says:

    I really hope this video acted as therapy for the person who made it….so
    he doesn’t shoot himself from his depressing job :-/

  10. John G says:

    Too funny and unfortunately very true! I’ve been in the business as a
    producer, underwriter, etc. and never seen all of that happen to one
    employee but I’ve seen all of it happen to several colleagues. The
    intangible nature of insurance enables fraud, deception, etc. This with
    the fact that direct writers are getting stronger and independent agents
    are getting weaker should tell new people to reconsider. 

  11. Lance Wallach says:

    as an expert witness lance wallach has never lost a case google lance
    wallach for helpThe Insurance Company Is NOT On Your Side
    Insurance companies and insurance agents can be very friendly when a client
    is paying for coverage and does not have claims. However, when an
    individual does have a claim, it is too often their goal to resolve the
    claim with as little money paid to the client as possible. Our skilled team
    understands the multiple areas of coverage that are available under your
    policy- areas that your insurance company will not prompt you to utilize.
    We use all means to ensure that you obtain the maximum coverage, from
    underinsured coverage to excess insurance coverage.

  12. Alfredo Gutierrez says:

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