Father Voiceless – Thai Life Insurance (The Saddest Commercial Ever) Father’s Day [eng]

This is the Saddest Commercial in the world. very touching. Thailand insurance commercial. 9 Reasons Why You Should Appreciate Your Dad This Father’s Day, ta…

25 thoughts on “Father Voiceless – Thai Life Insurance (The Saddest Commercial Ever) Father’s Day [eng]

  1. Melo Boy says:

    “A father’s love is perfect”? Wrong, but not unexpected in advertising. My
    father was a brute who abused and beat up his wife (my mother) and his
    children. The only thing he taught me was how to hate myself and my life.
    If it had been my father in that commercial, he would have just said “Well
    what did she do that for?” and expected mum to clean up the mess.

  2. DaEpicPwner says:

    Just to sad, here I am crying my eyes out and then my dad barges into the
    room like “What happened!” Lol

  3. Ailee Brown says:

    This is a video saying that no everyone is PERFECT so accept what you have,
    they love you so much and thats all that matters in the end.

  4. harry smith says:

    ha ha! What a big lie saying that all fathers love their children! A lot of
    them abandon their children when they are still toddlers, never to be seen

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