DIY room decor project ideas you NEED to try!

DIY room decor projects and ideas you need to try! Tumblr inspired room decor! EASY diy projects you need to try! ♡ Social Media! Instagram …


45 thoughts on “DIY room decor project ideas you NEED to try!

  1. For the first one, do you think it'd be smart to hang a mirror in there? Or would it get scratched up? I have a small room and the only mirror I have is on a dresser which is unneeded since I already have a closet.

  2. Hey just wanted to let you know if you're serious about your vinyl, a "suit case" vinyl player is terrible on your records and will ruin them over time. If u don't care that much about your vinyl then your fine c:

  3. Yea well since the holder of the the plant and candle I basically hate because I try to but nail polish on the thing and it's completely fell to the ground and my nail polish broke and the paint was on my floor all over the place so upsetting 😒😪

  4. I just got a new bedroom and I couldn't figure out what to do at all and these are perfect for my room!! Thank You so much for sharing these ideas because I'm going to use all of these!! 😘❤️💚💜💙

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