Auto Insurance Scams Caught on Dash Camera in the U.S and Canada

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25 thoughts on “Auto Insurance Scams Caught on Dash Camera in the U.S and Canada

  1. Leong Suun says:

    This was what happened to me in Malaysia. Not only was I unable to claim
    from the other party, as my case was I was hit from behind. They put up
    with false witnesses saying I was from a side road turning ibto main road.
    Shld this be the case. I shld had been hit front the side n not from
    behind. Now I am suffering from whiplash. Unable to work for 5months n
    still having pain in my arms. A lawyer who claimed to be expert in claim
    took my money n end up asking me to forget about claim as I was in
    Malaysia. They can manipulate evidence to their advantage as long as they
    know somebody. My advice. Install a ccamera. 

  2. superduperboyx says:

    Just wondering, even though if you have a camera on the dashboard, if the
    car in front of you slams on the break and you hit them, is it still your
    fault?? They could have stopped for what ever reason and if you still slam
    into them, you’re at fault still right?

  3. Marchant2 says:

    I used to work in insurance. There’s an overabundance of scamming going on
    with attorneys, their chiropractors and the scum who hire these crooks to
    take care of their fake or exaggerated “injuries”. And I know this is
    going to create a lot of heat, but the vast majority of people doing the
    scamming are blacks, hispanics and foreigners from SE Asia/Africa and
    especially India. The people who do this are criminals because scamming
    insurance is a felony. It’s stealing. 

  4. PikaDamos says:

    Note to self:
    1. Install dash camera
    2. Install double side camera
    3.Install back camera
    4Install Hidden Camera in case of threat and suspect try to take the cam
    away and smash it.

  5. saneagain2002 says:

    Well, none of those were examples of the use of a dash camera. It is an
    obvious case of misleading to advertise the for the product at the end.
    So, basically, the poster is a liar by including the false title.

  6. John Doe says:

    One time I had someone repeatedly slamming on his brakes trying to make me
    hit him. I just pushed the horn and kept on it until he got out of the
    way. Rather than turning down road only pulled off to the side. He was
    probably going to pull back out as I go past and try to blame me for it. I
    knew that is what he was doing and did not go until he pulled on to that
    road some more. What else could I have done about that? I don’t want to
    cause any damage to anything if I can avoid it.

    On a different day I saw someone backing up as I got closer to them. They
    were at an intersection. I have no idea if they were up to something or
    just out too far but I just did not get any closer to them and turned my
    head back and forth to say no. They did not hit my car.

    Both of these things happened in Butler County, Pennsylvania. I never have
    these weird problems anywhere else. Is the City of Butler a place where
    these things happen more than other places? I don’t want to know the crime
    rate in general but the insurance fraud/crime rate if anyone knows it or
    where to find it.

  7. Bryce Johnson says:

    This kind of people should be punished until they realize that what they’re
    doing is so wrong and unforgivable.

  8. buzz lightyear says:

    So this is why my car insurance rates are so high. The insurance companies
    are paying millions to these scammers and our rates go up.

  9. Chris Lipscombe says:

    Glad I installed a Dash Cam in my car. A couple of hundred bucks for a
    really good quality one could save a lot of time, trouble and money in the

  10. debbiewasshername says:

    god help us all.. the human race is a disgusting disaster, and that
    includes all the “christians” who *should* know better

  11. Celia Palmieri says:

    Best one I have seen so far is the FXD-1000. you can see their products on
    their site… the company is called BlackBox Dealer Inc. Best quality I
    have seen… I think they are in VA and DC MD area,

  12. Tervicz says:

    Where I live, we’ve got an obligation to ‘drive defensively’ which means
    adapt speed to circumstances and anticipate mistakes of others. In this
    case the car slamming into that woman’s car would be at fault for not
    reducing speed and failing to anticipate seeing both cars move in front of
    him as they did.

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